Kids fighting Kids

I was able to shoot for one of the fights at least at the recent USEACA event. I had the pleasure of catching a couple moments from these two warriors giving eachother hell. This sport is beautiful.

Election Protests.

I have been meaning to update this one for a while, I was able to make my way out to a local protest the day after the Elections. First time doing an event of sorts and enjoyed it. Great energy, lots of passion and I feel like it came out in every shot I took.

Get me out.

So despite┬áthe excitement of the past week and the selection of the new President, I was able to finish my Piolet. And in spite of the excitement of the past week, I needed to get the fuck out. So after work Dan, Josh, and I┬ádecided to do a night ride out to the hills and…

Descend on Bend: Photo Dump

Here is an outrageous photo dump of the past weekends festivities at Descend on Bend at Hole in the ground here in Oregon. I have recently acquired a Fuji XT1 and was excited to put the new camera through its paces and hopefully tune it in for my liking. I was not disapointed. We were…

Live small, travel light, adventure big

We’re coming close to the final stages in the release of our book. It’s been a year since we finished the trip and we’ve held off on releasing the final blog post of the trip to keep with the release of an article about Oregon in Oi Magazine, and the shipping of the books so…