Central Cascades Tour Day 1

Had the pleasure of taking my sister and her partner out for a bit of an Oregon tour, here’s the first day through the McKenzie pass and over to central Oregon.

Swift Campout 2018 – Sunday

I did not take nearly as many photos this day. Pretty sure it was the steady downhill  where we didn’t want to stop, the thought of sweet potato fries waiting for us in Fort Rock, and the mad gravel dash – leg burner back to the vehicles just like last year. We DID STOP AND…

Swift Campout 2018 – Saturday

We woke up to a morning mist on the rim. Coffee to warm our bones and watched the sunrise burn the away the clouds sitting inside the volcano. We surfed down some single track until we got back onto the gravel and flew down a steep descent with incredible time.   Then came the grind….

Swift Campout 2018 – Thursday Night & Friday

We arrived late Thursday evening at Fork Rock. Loaded the bikes, and rode off into the desert looking for a good place to camp. The moon was so bright we rode without our lights, set camp on top of a bunch of cow patties and passed out. We set out late morning, the roads gradually…

Smokin Jo

Its not often that you get the opportunity to shoot one of your favorite current Muay Thai fighters, so when the opportunity arose while I was in Seattle I took it. Jo Nattawut and his Kru, Khunpon were on layover while flying out to China for a fight (that he won!). They ate dinner with…

Christmas Adventures

Walls of snow block most roads up top of the cascades in winter. A fact I always seem to forget when I head out looking for adventure and a rad spot to camp. Especially when your traveling companion is in a little front wheel drive car with tire chains that fit debatably at best. We…

Kids fighting Kids

I was able to shoot for one of the fights at least at the recent USEACA event. I had the pleasure of catching a couple moments from these two warriors giving eachother hell. This sport is beautiful.