Thank You

Acknowledging those who’ve helped us along the way. You guys are cool.


Locke thinking

You can never say ‘goodbye’ enough. Rob and I have lived in the NY/PA area our whole lives and as we near our departure we’ve had to come to terms that there are friends and family we won’t be seeing for quite a bit. You can imagine the anxiety this causes.

I have this picture in my head that our hearts are huge apartment complexes and we’re the landlords.  Everyone has their own space.  Nobody ever fits into the exact same place, so you never have to worry that someone will take over your apartment.  Here they are, each person who’s made a mark in your life, residing in your heart.  That picture always calms me down.

I want to make it a personal obligation to say thank you to everyone we’ve made a connection with.  You are our friends and you will forever have a place with us.  Thank you.

(P.S. This will be a series, so please don’t fret if you haven’t seen your name yet!  I don’t want to make the list too long each time)

Thank You

Ma & Ba Van

Mama & Papa Mac

The Van Clan: Becky, Niki, Tracy, Na, & Tami

The Mac Attacks: Meg & Ryan McNamee

The Little Vans: JJ, Nate, Emi, Carter, Greyson

The Honorees: Monty Bannerman, Nelson Lok, & Raymond Tan

Aunties Peggy, Jayne, & Donna McNamee

Cô Phi Nguyen

Cuzzo Mike Paquin

Cousin Jimmy Nguyen and the Fam in Colorado (See you soon!)

Jacob Klensen, thank you so much again for the video!

George & his family, for all of his help with the Samurai and letting me ride a toy quad in your backyard.

– Good Thoughts & Silver Linings, Chelsea


photo (1)

So, we simultaneously have the worst and best luck.  After shooting our video for Indiegogo, we said our goodbyes and rode out into the warm, triumphant sun.  Except, we stalled and died in the middle of Broad St. intersection.  I laughed hysterically as Rob pushed the car out of the way….how do we make this fun?

We start by making Rob shoulder the car up and down a hill so I can pop the clutch, twice, only to have it die again at a red light. (Determining it was a battery/alternator problem)  Our next plan was to tie up Locke & Ronan to the front and have them marche when suddenly, a pair of rugged guardian angels came strolling through in their glorious Tacoma.  Jacob (the photographer) and his friend Stephen had come to rescue us!

Ever been slung around  in a box through city streets?  Ever rode the back of a pickup truck with a dog trying to jump out?  It’s awesome!!!  We dropped off the car, grabbed beers with Jacob and our new friend, Stephen, swapped stories and wisdom, and managed to fix up the car ourselves the day after.  Moral of the story, even though we find ourselves in less than ideal situations we end up meeting the best characters.  We’re okay with that.

Thank You

Stephen/Tiberius & Jacob

& Our Generous Funders:

Montgomery Bannerman

Jayne McNamee

Christine Van

Matt Farmer

Amanda Davis

Niki Lok

Dona McNamee

Brandon Dougherty

Chris Margarite

Lindsey Tepfer

Harry Truong

Wanida Balnakura

Jessee Van

Stephen Breese

Omar Griffin

Tami Van

Joseph Laperriere

Evan Dudla

Jane Ma

Robert Mela

Kevin Sommerville

J. McNamee

Peggy Tam

Kara Ng

John & Michelle Lloyd

Carol Hammer

– Good Thoughts & Silver Linings, Chelsea


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