Start of Something New.

This is a blog about my wonderful girlfriend Chelsea, our dogs Ronan and Locke, and myself.  I am from Collingdale, Pennsylvania – lower middle class suburb of Philadelphia.  Currently, I reside in the city and am an amateur in a number of hobbies: Muay Thai boxing, mountaineering, backpacking, urban farming and beekeeping, to name a few.  All of which play a direct role in our future plans.  Chelsea, Ronan, Locke and I are working on heading out west to Colorado, but we’re not leaving without a bang!  We’ve got upcoming backpacking trips, fights, and a rad as hell road trip ahead of us that we would like to share with everyone on our way out to Denver. Image-Chelsea on Mt Whittenburg (catskills, ny)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hong van says:

    Chealse and rob and 2 dogs I love this,good luck and enjoy your life for


    1. mcnameerob says:

      I love you Ba!! =]


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