We Made It!

We successfully funded our Photographic Journal! Woah, that is weird to say.  

Not too long ago we were deliberating whether or not this was even a good idea, and now, people are telling us about how excited/inspired by us they are.  At first I was skeptical because I feared “who would care?”  You all do.

It’s easy to make yourself believe that you shouldn’t ask for help because you’ll be criticized for breaking the numerous ethical codes that we could unethically make-up.  It wasn’t until we saw this video that we decided to go ahead with the Indiegogo:

It is all coming true.  We are meeting strangers from places like Tennessee who end up treating us as if we were lifelong friends.  We are reminded of the generosity and support of those who have and will always be there for us.  And, most importantly, we are given the opportunity to give something special back to each of you.  We are truly glad we asked.  Thank you.  

Our Deepest Gratitude to our Funders & Friends:

Tami Van

Niki Van

Lindsey Tepfer & Adrian Aguirre

Kara Ng

Sai Jurawanichkul

Momma McNamee

Jayne McNamee

Christine Van 

Matt Farmer

Omar Griffin

Megan McNamee

Evan Dudla

Amanda Davis

Dona McNamee

Brandon Dougherty

Chris Margarite 

Harry Truong 

Maureen Duffy

Wanida Balnakura

Stephen Breese

Joseph Laperriere 

Jane Ma

Robert Mela

Kevin Sommerville

Momma McNamee

Peggy Tam

John & Michele Lloyd

Carol Hammer

Andrew Sherman

Anish Kapur

Robert Masterson

Charlie Cino

Victoria Zebley

Bruce Park

Stephanie Robbins

Christine Cui

Ed Chmielewski 

Watt Sriboonruang 

Dean Roberts

Karen Jung

Jacqueline Butterly

Erin Herle 

Samantha Schad

Chris Cherasaro 

Steve Dixon

Lauren Pilla

Natalie Nguyen

Nicholas Menio

Cori Linker

John Bick

Gerre Mae Barcebal

Kristin Gillepsie

Yagnesh Hinglokwala

Our Anonymous Funders 

Thank you everyone who helped spread the word! 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. matt says:

    This is friggin awesome!


  2. The DC says:

    My words exactly (“friggin awesome!” ) 😀


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