Days 2-8: Part 1. Everyone Waves in Nature

photo 3 (2)

Sorry all about the delay in posting! It is very hard to get enough service and power to sustain a blog post, but we hope the snippets on our Instagram and Twitter have kept you satiated. We took the time we had in the town of Shippensburg to do a little bit of vehicle repair and modification to help prepare for the trip. For example, we realized that fog lights were probably a good idea after actually driving through….fog.

We left early Wednesday morning for the trail. Then proceeded to drive right past the trail head. Off to a great start we found it again and were greeted by our first gravel road. This was an exciting moment for us and we were finally struck by what we were about to undergo.

Pennsylvania is beautiful, but nothing new to either of us really. We followed and crossed the Appalachian trail many times. Climbing and descending the hills (mountains) of the Pennsylvania Appalachians. Definitely just as rocky as they are on hiking trails. The portion we did was fairly short and we quickly found ourselves in Maryland.


Maryland has a secret and beautiful countryside. I honestly had not known that this part of the state even really existed; my entire knowledge of the state previously was Baltimore. The first night out on the trail we took a short drive off the route and found a campground that lets you sleep in tree houses. IMGP0227

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  1. mom says:

    I love watching you both go thru this great adventure together and remember all the adventure s camping and traveling. You always had that spirit even as a child


  2. The DC says:

    Sweet ^_^ 😀


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