Virginia Part 3. Who Knew Virginia was so Large?

I sure as hell didn’t.

Here we are sitting in Mojoe’s Coffee in the town of Damascus, Virginia. Stealing wifi and sipping on some iced coffee, apparently no one in the south has considered putting ice in coffee as an option (Mojoe’s being the exception). This is the only iced coffee I’ve seen in a week. Step your game up, Virginia.


I have been sick with some sort of lung/throat/sinus infection thats making the trip truly miserable for the time being and it has been raining NON STOP for three days straight. I am actually amazed that we have yet to have needed to put the Samurai into 4 wheel drive yet. The roads have been giant mud holes and washed out, in other words its been slow going. Last night we slept near the top of Mt. Rogers, the highest point in Virginia. EVERYTHING WE OWN IS DAMP AND SMELLS LIKE WET DOGS.


The night before we stumbled upon the Wood’s Hole Hostel near Pearisburg, Virginia, We were in the middle of a storm riding down a washed out road when we saw the signs for it. We had to debate whether it was a house of murder or an actual hostel before checking it out. We were very happy to find that it was something beautiful. This is a “must see” stop for AT thru-hikers according to our bunkmates. Pretty much everything Chelsea and I want in life, wrapped into a small haven of shelter tucked into the woods. I highly recommend this place to anyone on their own adventure and coming through the area. We broke bread with new friends No Regrets and Cornflake. We slept warm and comfortable that night. (I wish more). We shared coffee and stories with Neville in the morning. This is a part of the trip I will likely hold on to for a long time. When people are left with less, they appreciate the small gestures of human kindness so much more. Even if its just conversation.


The upcoming couple of days see us criss-crossing the tennessee/virginia border before finally coming to a head onto the actual Trans America Trail in Tennessee. Looking forward to leaving Virginia. It is an absolutely gorgeous state, but the rain and the hills are getting a bit monotonous for the time being. Until the next time we get some wifi or service, thanks for reading!


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  1. The DC says:

    We used to live 15 minutes from Pearisburg,VA years ago (when our 17 year old daughter was 2),and you’re not far from us now-when I ride the Virginia Creeper rail trail,I go right through Damascus…maybe an hour or so from here (Bristol TN) or so? Shoot me an email at,I’ll shoot you back my cell # 🙂

    Might not be able to go out and do much like I’d hoped (lets just say,I’d made an error in the checkbook and we’re….having to go take a loan at the Bank of my Parents today to carry us until payday 😮 …it happens,LOL,I’m just glad they’r estill around,willing and able to help out when “it happens” to us,hahaha!),but we can meet up and meet,tell a few jokes and make new friends of one another any-dang-way 😀


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