Oklahoma Part 2. It’s Flat

It’s Flat

Heres some Bison


In other words, the roads are VERY straight and dusty, we spent a lot of time eating dust. Chelsea ended up with a nose bleed from it (or from picking her nose, the dust may be a coverup). Also, your vehicle or you (if you’re on bike) will turn into a locust Holocaust.


Not far into Oklahoma we made friends with another TAT rider named Adam, he was taking his bike as far as he could in the allotted time he had allowed himself. He was making upward to 300 miles a day. This sort of boosted my competitive spirit for a bit and had me tearing down dirt and gravel roads like a bat out of hell, well more like an underpowered lawnmower out of the shed. (suzuki samurai, get it?) We ended up meeting up to camp later on in the evening and shared dinner. Its always a joy talking to other adventurers and the wonderful people we’ve been meeting on this trip. (Adam later wiped out pretty hard on the mud roads and had to call his trip a bit short. Very glad to have met you and happy you’re home safe man, I am updating on my phone so don’t have a picture, sorry!)

We also camped at the salt Lake FLATS


So yes, This part of Oklahoma…..flat.


Updating from my phone sucks

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