You Can Always Rely on Cheese: Personal Ramblings about Stuff

  1. Fellow Adventurers, take your time.  See the trail you’re on; it’s not about crossing something off your bucket list.  Remember our philosophy on life; don’t be hypocritical.
  2. It’s not about getting away from civilization, it’s about getting to the heart of it.  We’ve met few people, but each person was amazing in their own right.  Especially the older folk.  Talk to your elders, they will always be cooler than you.
  3. I don’t mind this not bathing thing and don’t think that I smell that bad.  It’s only when the flies hover do I begin to wonder.
  4. Our home is 1 (11)
  5. Contrary to popular belief, it hasn’t been peaceful and solitaire.  It’s crowded; it’s work.  It’s driving through obscure roads and deciphering maps and even obscurer directions.  It’s trying not to get lost, trying to look for some place safe to sleep, and trying to get whatever responsibilities done before the sunset beats us.
  6. That Circadian Clock is real.  That artificial lighting yo.
  7. Despite another belief, this lifestyle hasn’t been that hard either.  We have everything we need in that tiny sucker.  We set up every night and pack up every morning: rhythmic, consistent, and stable.  It’s like making your bed every day.  We don’t even notice that we’re doing something in ordinary…and that we’ve been doing it for 2 months.
  8.  Trust your instincts; they’re always right.  Especially the instincts that tell you that your other instincts are wrong.  Like really really (6)
  9. Blogging is tiring work.  Props to those who are consistent to it.  We’re trying, but we’re pretty lazy.
  10. Yes Ma, we eat!  We eat pretty well, and as a self-declared Camp Chef, I’m proud of my food piles and inventions!  We try to be as self-sufficient as possible, considering that half of our storage is food, and only stop for meats and perishables, which we wouldn’t have to if our cooler didn’t break.  We play with foraging, but not enough for sustenance.  Also, you’d be surprised how non-perishable most perishables are (eggs don’t need to be refrigerated, cured meats are golden, and arugula is hearty).photo 3 (5)
  11. It also really helps to have awesome sponsors like Rise Bar and, *clears throat* announcing the new guy on the scene, PICKY BAR!  They feed us yummy stuff, so we like them!  photo (8)photo 3 (9)
  12. P.S. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated any food stuff.  I’m a bad person.
  13. In order to minimize tension and arguing make sure everyone has enough blanket.
  14. The dogs have started talking to us more ever since this trip started.
  15. Locke is a jerk and has become even more of a jerk – thinking he’s the Big Dog of the Woods.  And Ronan is a baby and has become even more of a baby – thinking he can crawl into our sleeping bags.
  16. So much anxiety!  Driving through some parts of the trail, we’re constantly fighting our urge for self-preservation.  “This is it, we’re going to flip over, or roll off a mountainside, or get stuck in the sand, mud, creek.”  It’s like that feeling when an old person goes into the bathroom and you pray that they don’t slip on anything in there and break a hip.
  17. It does get hard to find good food though, so, most of our lunches consist of splitting a block of cheese.  That you can always get.  You can always count on cheese!

photo (5)

– “Camp Chef” Chelsea

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