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Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

Robert Bloch

During these past few weeks, a couple of our friends who are touring across the US on motorcycles came to visit us – oh, and did I mention that they don’t even know each other?  Coincidence? I think not!

DSC_3010Our first visitor was Josh Laskin; he is one of Rob’s best friends and unfortunately, by default now one of mine.  Josh was a plumber, a student, an environmental engineer, a bartender and now a “piece of shit” [his words, I swear].  He is also really open-minded, intelligent, and hilarious (when he’s not whining).  Right now he’s probably coming out of Glacier National Park and figuring out how to get to New Hampshire before the snow becomes impassable on his enduro.  For the two weeks that he was here we climbed two peaks and made like 20 dumb moves that cost us some lost equipment, an unforeseen class 3-4 rock scramble, scared dogs, and a very lost group of hikers.  But, it was alright.  Josh makes it okay to be totally not okay: feel lost at times, talk a lot, and make some gaffes. Miss you Josh and hope you can touch your toes now!

Links to Josh’s Adventures! ExistExpire:



Our other visitor was Liz Long, a friend of mine I knew from Drexel. Her and her partner are cruising and climbing their way across and down USA into Costa Rica!  I didn’t know Liz for that long, but that really doesn’t matter because when you’re a traveler everybody becomes a lifelong friend.  She inspires that “do whatever the heck you want because who’s going to stop you” feeling.  Also, an “eat ice-cream” and “get rid of your unnecessary shit” ones.  Liz does all of this while doing nothing at all, but be simply, beautifully, wild.  Her partner, Tyler, was just like me and had never left the East Coast before the trip.  I applaud him for doing it big, for getting up in the cold mornings, and for tossing away all the stuff that Liz made you do!  We’re grateful that Liz and Tyler made a temporary home with us and we can’t wait to visit!

Link to Liz and Tyler on the DoubleShadow tour:


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  1. Jayne says:

    I love reading your updates Chelsea.


  2. I love how reading your thoughts and feelings name you feel and see what you do so proud of you


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