Pics or it Didn’t Happen: Criticizing Photography

With so many people with a camera, whether it be a DSLR or a built-in one on your phone, it raises the question, “Do you really need to take a picture of that?”  Everyone you meet is either a photographer or a critic and in my dynamic with Rob he’s the guy with the camera and I’m the one judging.  While preparing for our latest trip, my mind wandered to the usual scoffs towards photographers and that they are (1) not really enjoying the moment because they’re behind the lens and (2) they’re doing it for the popularity. I asked Rob about that and this is what he had to say:


“It’s a genuine thing for me; I enjoy going out and I like the act of photography. I try to learn the whole process and take it in – it’s act and action…showing it off is a secondary perk!”

Rob and I have been partners for almost three years now and I don’t ever expect Rob to become a Casanova with his words, but I’d be a fool to misjudge his love for his pictures.

<p><a href=”″>Coast Range Camp</a> from <a href=”″>Rob McNamee</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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