Christmas Adventures

Walls of snow block most roads up top of the cascades in winter. A fact I always seem to forget when I head out looking for adventure and a rad spot to camp. Especially when your traveling companion is in a little front wheel drive car with tire chains that fit debatably at best.

We left Christmas after dark, and shot up to the Willamette Pass area. spending plenty of time running into dead ends and at one point having to pull the car out of the snow with the Delica.

Ending up in a sno-park parking lot, we settled in and turned the back of the van into a kitchen, squeezed in the van and I was pleasantly surprised that the dinner table I made could fit four, as long as you’re very comfortable with everyone involved anyway.

We spent the next day snow shoeing, skiing, and hitting the local hot spring (mud hole).

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday!


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