It’s a Book!

Hey guys, The weather has made a huge change for the better for fair weather adventurers. I hope everyone has been out and about enjoying themselves. Last week Chelsea and I did a weekend at Pine creek gorge with Josh from he should be updating his blog soon with photos from the trip. Unfortunately I had an equipment malfunction with my camera (a RARE thing for a pentax k1000….the meter battery died)

As some of you know, I am an avid adventure photographer. I try to capture my backpacking adventures as best I can via an old film SLR. For our upcoming trip, I am planning on capturing life on the Trans America trail via film. You’ll get a view of the inner workings and true heart land of America. Very excited about this and the idea of publishing a photographic book or journal on the subject manner. We are in the stages of setting this up and will absolutely keep all of you updated on the situation and I hope that a few of you will soon have a nice new coffee table book! PLEASE feel free to have a look at some of my works on Flickr which can be located at Enjoy!

Until then, we will supply this blog with plenty of backpacking and camping adventure.

Spring is here, sleep outside.




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