Working with Film


This is my first foray into photography being more than just a “hobby” for me. My friend Pablo gave me his old camera a few years back once he got a shiny new DSLR. He was over working with film, and I was just starting. It took me a while to get the hang of it, and return with some consistency in my photography. Though I still think a lot of my shots are just dumb luck.

The new age of Print on Demand (or POD, but not the crappy 90s band) is a pretty exciting development to people like me. This allows me to approach this project in a more DIY angle, which is infinitely more interesting to me. I plan on putting my absolute heart and soul into this project and believe it will translate over to the photography and journal. I am interested in using Kodak Ektar film for the first time, and would like to hear some feedback from any photography friends that have experience with it.

For a good DIY style Adventure journal, please check out my friends at Colden

This one gives you a nice parting shot of Ronan.

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