Backpacking Mentality and Applying it to all Things. Pt 1


Sell All of Your Things.


We are going to cram our gear, our dogs, and ourselves into a little suzuki samurai we have dubbed “Bumi.”


There’s a reason that we picked such a small vehicle to do this trip in. Both Chelsea and I are avid backpackers, we’ve gotten used to narrowing down what we’ll need before a trip. There are plenty of luxuries that we probably could bring along, which I’ve noticed a lot of expedition vehicles now carry on board as a standard (refrigerator? Pfffffffffffft.) Now I absolutely will not take away from these expeditioners, its just not for me personally. I don’t know if I am just a stickler for hardship, or should have been born before the mid 80’s. We are in the midst of selling all of our stuff, we’ll pack our things in a little cart on weekends and set up shop kind of like some sort of south philadelphian gypsies.


Now I am going to make a pretty bold statement, but I think that this entire process is very relieving. Its scary as all hell, I have never moved anywhere this far from home. I have also never partook in an adventure quite like this, despite touring with bands or climbing mountains. This one is different, this one is truly life changing. I am at the same time terrified and beyond excited. I think everyone could use a little bit of “spring cleaning” Get rid of all the junk you don’t need. You’ll feel the weight begin to lift and make room for things that are more relevant to you and your life now.

Have less, use less, and worry less. It is not as hard as it at first seems.



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  1. Is that the bike I got you? Na


    1. Arrowswest says:

      Haha yup! Gotta keep Rover Badge (that’s its name) in shape.


    1. Arrowswest says:

      I think so. There’s no cheap way of shipping it out there and I could probably save up for something that’s more suitable for the terrain. I’ll send you the money I make off of it lol!


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