Tennessee Part 2. Why did the Deer Cross the Road? Because it’s a Butt

Aight, I’m done with you deer! You guys aren’t cool when you invade my personal space, and you definitely aren’t cool when you stop in the middle of the road, or better yet, run directly towards us. Do you guys partake in some weird S&M thing that involve getting hit by cars?

Fortunately, we don’t go fast enough to be of any threat or erotic enticement for a deer, but as we were crossing our last stretch of TN we saw a car trashed after trying to avoid hitting a deer. A couple of contractors working nearby were helping to get the man out as I grabbed the emergency medical aide I had beside my seat so I could attend to and dress his wounds. The man commented: “I’m not bleeding that much and I bandaged up my knuckles while I was in there,” and “someone should check my wife’s blood pressure when she gets here.” HA! Even in a situation like this you can’t help but get a kick out of how tough people are. I was also appreciative of how appreciative the local police were of our help, especially since being a good Samaritan in a city could end up getting you fined if you don’t have the right certificates. Within a few minutes, the ambulance did arrive for him and he seemed in fine shape.

So, the lesson is to be careful when you’re driving through Tennessee because you have deer being jerks, dogs coming home from work, and turtles racing whatever. There aren’t any pictures of the accident because that would be crude, but here is a picture of a scared little box turtle who we assisted across the road.


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  1. The DC says:

    It’s not just TN,happens lots in VA too,even my Pops hit a deer going to and from work last year…they need to place those “Deer Crossing” signs somewhere besides populated areas to keep deer from crossing there 😛 (I heard that as a blonde joke years ago,hahaha!)


    1. Arrowswest says:

      Hahahaha!! I like that one

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