Arkansas Part 1. The Projects Over the Hills


It exists. The poverty, the racism, the depression, it exists and it smacks whatever grandiose idealistic delusion you have of the “progress” we’ve made so far right out of your coffee cup. We rode through Helena, AR expecting more quaint historic downtowns and self-sufficient farmland, but instead we found crumbling facades. It’s alright Arkansas, you didn’t disappoint us, something else did. A deeper look into the history of Arkansas will explain why there is no money here (link above). The first national park we stayed at was wild, not a wild that inspires freedom and anarchy but a wild that blocks out rays of comfort. The drive through was shady.


– Chelsea

On the other hand, Arkansas does not disappoint when it comes to dirt road, particularly when you start reaching the Ozarks. The first portion of the drive is river delta and flat. Mostly farmland as we’ve seen plenty of. The second portion is more like West Virginia: switchbacks and hard climbs on our little 4 cylinder engine.  Arkansas also has a welcoming community towards TAT riders as we “officially” got to sign-in at the TAT AR Rest Stop and marvel at those who’ve created a community for us.  


– Rob


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  1. The DC says:

    I really miss (and hope to visit again) the Ozarks,gorgeous country to see from a mtn bike (if you didn’t figure,knowing me what little y’all do,LOL,I ALWAYS carried a mtn bike with me when trucking,and rode in lots of cool places I hope to see again smoe day). Take lots of pics,my friends,just in case you don’t make it back through there again (I wish I had done so) 🙂

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    1. Arrowswest says:

      So, I’ve made it my mission to get into mountain biking and to go back to most of these places and ride through them. Let’s meet up! haha – Chelsea


      1. The DC says:

        I wolda gladly took’d you guys around some of the local trails here when you rolled through (like Warrior’s Path),LOL! Do it! It’s addicting and fun 😀

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