Arkansas Part 2. Kountry Kitchen Hospitality

“Bless ya hearts.” The saying has a sweetness like chocolate sauce over buttered biscuits. It has become my favorite thing to hear as we retell our story to staff and passerby as we swing over a hornet’s home beside the Kountry Kitchen Grill waiting for our car to get fixed.
photo (2) It was bound to happen, and I’m pleasantly surprised that we’ve postponed it this long before we found ourselves stuck. First, I must say, AAA, you have to come up with a more efficient procedure to help someone. You want my sixteen-digit membership number? I’m stuck on a dirt road with limited service and a dying battery, I’m going to be pooping up peyote by the time I get to the 11th digit! Anywho, the clutch finally went as Bumi tried to fart his way up the hilly forestry road through the Ozarks. In the 18th hour we called AAA who couldn’t fathom the fact that we weren’t in a city, which led to me running about 2 miles out to the nearest highway dressed like a scanty Man in the Yellow Hat, which led to me hitching down cars so I could use their cellphones to figure out where the tow driver was, which led to us finding out that they directed the driver to the wrong place even though we gave them our exact coordinates, which led to us chilling on the road and eating tons of venison summer sausage to make us feel better, which finally led to a second driver finding and towing us out at the 2nd hour the next day.
But, it wasn’t that bad. We’re lucky…yes, lucky…that the Kountry Kitchen Grill was right next door. We had a picnic table next to a bit of shade so we could sit outside with the dogs, food (breakfast should always have porkchops), books to read, a busy hornets nest for entertainment, and amicable owner/staff that didn’t mind us loitering all day. When it got late and it hit us that we weren’t getting back on the road anytime soon we started scouting for fields/benches (which are actually pretty comfy)/abandoned buildings to stealth sleep in. However, the staff at the Kountry Kitchen was not having it! They called the Interfaith Service Network who helped us find a place and drove us to get food for the pups. It’s hard to express how grateful we are for your help and we will make sure to keep the karma rolling.
Bless ya hearts Kountry Kitchen and Interfaith!

photo 4 (5)

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  1. Kenny Olson says:

    Best wishes to you all! I`m following impatiently every day..


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