Life and the Nevada/Utah Border Crossing

Sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming and you lose track of what means a lot to you. We haven’t had much time to work on our blog recently and its been a huge bummer. You’ll be sure to hear all about it in a later update!IMGP0964 This part of the trip happens as we’re crossing the open desert separating Utah from Nevada. We later learn just how much open freaking desert is in Nevada as well. This actually worried me. I’ve watched enough “survivor man” to know what this sort of desert is like. And what it involves. In my head, the samurai was going to break down for the final time, and I would have to cut the seats apart and build a shelter with them or something. Actually a more real fear was the idea of running out of gas. This would also be the longest we’d be on the “road” without a gas station. I believe it was about 150 or so miles of no civilization. By that I mean not a sign of a human being, no farms or buildings, nothing but the dirt road in front of us. We can see the dry lake bed of Sevier Lake in the distance. Absurd amounts of dust and sand, and brush.

Until this point I had never felt so alone and helpless.


This. This is what I was looking for.


I could never understand the reason people moved to Nevada before, the dust is god awful. My frail irish skin does not get along with the sun. And it gets unbearably hot. Now I get it. IMGP0965 We later find ourselves in the quirky little town of Baker, a surprising little place. We find some decent food and make our way up towards Great Basin National Park. -Rob

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